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Minor Mineral Collection


Collection and marketing of minor minerals (sand, boulder and Bazari) from the river beds of reserved forest areas has been undertaken in order to protect the forest lands, agricultural crops, inhabitations from the havoc of floods. The collection and marketing system is being converted from volume base to weight basis for the disposal of minor minerals, in the Gaula, Sharda, Nandhaur, Kosi, Dabka, Ganga, Yamuna and Song rivers of the State. The implementation of advanced computerized technique of minor mineral weighing system is a step towards advancement and use of new technology.



The use of new technology has produced good dividends in terms of increased production and more income to the labor. Computerized weigh Bridges have been installed. This system has controlled the pilferage of minor mineral to the level of satisfaction and in 2007-08 the substantial increase in the turn over revenue quantity of minor minerals collected by the Corporation is about 110 lac cum. The various components of revenue related to the minor mineral extraction are: royalty of the material, Trade tax, Income tax, Stamp duty, Compensatory afforestation charges etc. Nearly 110 lac man days are also generated from this activity. Also the impact of scientific working has reduced the instances of floods in Gaula river in district Nainital and other rivers. Both banks of the river have shown the emergence of primary succession and stabilization.



Minor-Mineral Collection Divisions

Division Name
River Name
Volume detail
1 Shri Dhiresh Chandra Bisht Ramnagar Kosi, Dabka 14 lakh Cubic meter
2 Shri Satyapal Singh Rawat Haridwar Ganga and its Tributries 21.50 lakh Cubic meter
3 Shri An Singh Kandli Dehradun Yamuna-Song-Naronala-Kotmot 229 Ha
4 Shri Y K Srivastava Nandhaur Nandhaur-Kailash 21 lakh Cubic meter
5 Shri Harish Pal Tanakpur Sharda 7.60 lakh Cubic meter
6 Shri Y K Srivastav Haldwani Gaula Haldwani 54 lakh Cubic meter
7 Shri Vijay Pal Kotdwar Malan 35 Thousand Cubic meter

Target Volume (m3)
Area (ha)
1 Gaula 5400000 1497
2 Ganga 2000000 1380
3 Nandhaur 2100000 468
4 Sharda 1200000 384
5 Kosi 2030000 254
6 Dabka 848000 223
7 Song I 375000 225
Song II 425000 273
Song III 300000 270
Song - Mussoorie 150000 64
8 Jakhan I 325000 195
Jakhan II 125000 100
9 Swarna 98000 23.75
10 Malan 12500 35
  Total 15278000 (m3) 5333 ha


Minor-Mineral Collection work in progress- River Song






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